A singularity



Missy, I'll keep this short, as I'm sure you have a lof of these types of messages to go through each day. In my random meandering the web, I stumbled across some videos from Frank Moore. In one of this videos (which I found enlightening and refreshing) he mentioned your website. I was intrigued so I visited. The concept of a woman "thinking like a man", and that making them a "slut", was not unknown to me, but your take/interpretation was very unique. I was very pleased to find someone who agreed with how I've felt for some time .. That modern "porn" has evolved to do one thing .. Allow the viewer (mostly men) to orgasm as quickly as possible by "in your face" sex. As a young man, I think I viewed what I saw as a realistic depiction of what "real" sex was. I have come to realize, that's not the case. Since then, I've been trying to find erotica that "caresses" my libido, rather that slapping it in the face. Your site offers just such a caress. Thank you for being who you are, and sharing that with me.