Thatcher was a real feminist


A ‘‘feminist’’ has a chip on her shoulder the size of a two-by-four, never shuts up about ‘‘empowerment,’’ is eternally on the look out for sexist slights, and never considers the possibility that other people might deny her a job or dismiss her opinions because she is personally insufferable.

Given the humorless blah-blah-blah the term feminist evokes, it’s little wonder that many young women today avoid the label. Margaret Thatcher was a real feminist. Not for what she said but for what she did. She did not pursue justice for her gender; women’s rights per se was clearly a low priority for her.

She was out for herself and for what she believed in.

She always courted less affection than respect, which even many of her detractors begrudgingly accorded her. She wasn’t nice. She was formidable.

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