What inspires other erotic film makers?



“  My video "Fotografen Och Hans Modell" came together purely by accident. I had set the video camera on a shelf and just left it on as I photographed the model. As you can hear, Mozart was playing in the background in real time. About a week after the shoot, I finally looked at the video footage and just started playing around with it in Final Cut. After about five hours, I had a video and thought I'd upload it to my Vimeo channel. To my utter pleasant surprise and shock, a kajillion people found it. The lightbulb above my head has been shining ever since. I think I'm onto something. Years ago, when I lived on Maui, I did a project called "Natural Woman." The concept was born out of looking at tons and tons of art nudes and porn. I remember, in particular, the work of Helmut Newton. Newton's models were so controlled, making them almost unreal - kinda plastic - too modelesque for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not turned off by the "model look," but I don't subscribe to ONLY that look. Living on Maui - the new (old) age mecca, I asked the question what is it that the women of Maui wanted to give to the world of imagery in their most natural state? Give me a statement of your womaness - you femaleness. Far from being a director, I will be the fly on the wall with a camera. I had them choose the place on the island in which they felt the greatest affinity. Nakedness was as normal to us as clothing is to "normal" people. Once word of my project started traveling around the new-age Peyton Place, I was overwhelmed with requests and inquiries from women who wanted to be a part of the project. Soon I will have an exhibition of those surviving images both online and in physical exhibition space.

It was mostly due to the many people who pressed the like and follow buttons that I began to explore other videos of this genre. Prior to this, I was on Vimeo for almost four years and had always assumed there was a no-nudity policy like YouTube, keeping the world safe from looking at naked bodies.

So, needless to say, if you like this video, you ain't seen nuthin' yet.

By the way, of the many videos I've been watching over the past week and a half, I must say that there were two that got me salivating with inspiration: your "First Orgasm" and "Tableau Vivant of The Delirium Constructions" (vimeo.com/16870404). I really like your artistic style and honesty. Can't wait to get back to Cali (L.A.) this summer to do something beautiful and creative at El Matador or some other beach.