That's a whole lot of Fantasy

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u would b led into a room and told to strip, u refuse so I grab u turn u around and push u against the wall my hand round your mouth to stop u screaming my other hand moves your skirt up over your waist u struggle so I slap your bare ass leaving my hand print it stings but it stops u from struggling I turn u round so your facing me and push u down to your knees and order u to take my cock out, u do as u are told and begin to suck on my cock I hold your hair as I start to fuck your mouth making u gag and your spit spill out over your face I pull out and pull u up, u try to struggle again so I bend u over the table and rip your thong off, I slap your ass again it stings but secretly u like it, I spread your ass and push a finger inside your tight wet pussy quickly followed by a second one your body gives up struggling as your pussy reacts to my fingers your breath quickens as u start to tighten around my fingers I pull your hair as I lean over "u want sir to fuck u don't u" you struggle to reply as u start to cum, "bad slut no one said u could cum" I pull my fingers out there dripping with your juices I start laughing as I rub the tip of my cock along your wet pussy coating it in your juices teasing u you want me inside u, suddenly my cock is pressed against your tight ass hole u look back at me but before u can say any thing I push forward stretching your hole as it swallows my cock till my balls slap against your pussy u let out a little scream but a swift slap on your ass cheek brings u under control I pull back on your hair to help me get my cock deeper I fuck u hard but with thrust your ass warms to my cock and as much as u want to hate it u start enjoying it and your body reacts to each thrust my hand reaches round and starts rubbing your clit soon your body is trembling till u can't help but cum your body goes limp and now your just my little fuck toy and u don't care what I do to u, I carry on pounding your tight ass till I finally I pull out and drag u to your knees as I shoot a big heavy load of hot cum over your humiliated face I push my cock into your mouth forcing u to suck it clean, I stand back and pull my jeans up and start to laugh as I walk out the room leaving u there on floor ripped underwear dress round ya waste cum all over ya face, used but secretly happy get in contact have pics and cam