Shopping Voyeurism

2008.06.07 034.jpg

I'm a 43yo single dad and a true voyeur. When I say I am a true voyeur I mean that in every sense. I love to be out shopping or other public places and getting that quick peek up a girls skirt and seeing her panties (or none lol) and wondering if it was a accident or on purpose ... sometime you get that knowing smile from her as she catches you looking ... mmm there is nothing sexier. I have had the pleasure on a couple of occasions had girls who have posed and preformed for me in person and shown off there body to me and masturbated while I have teased myself and kept myself on the edge till we were both ready to finish together. I would truely love to explore these voyeuristic opportunities with you further and would be happy with any arrangement you are comfortable with. I consider myself to be a gentleman and would totally respect you and any boundaries you set. I'm imagining you are getting heaps of emails bur I'd love to hear from you. hope to hear from you soon. oh I cannot go without mentioning who beautiful your pics are.