Missy talks to OliX about AFF

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I actually find the whole idea/concept of  'can you be a child pornographer if it is you in the video and you are a consulting adult and the one releasing and publishing the video is you'  quite exciting! its pushing boundries again which on this type of subject you seem to have a natural flare for he he!

You know homeboy, I like where your head is at. That is a very interesting concept.

Correct me if i'm wrong but as i remember it it is you aged 31 playing your self at 16 yes?


There must be something in the law that states even if you are a consenting adult it is child pornography to portray a minor but then if that is the case then there are great films out there where under age kids have sex or allude to have sex so that can't be true and what about these guys who dress up as babies and get a real sexual kick out of it,,,, is that child pornography???

I'm sorry, we are sold out of logic today. Can I interest you in some hyprocrisy?

anyway dont u just strip off in the video, if i remember right there is no actual sex, shagging or any thing else, its just insinuation and suggestion

Just words my friend, but you know how dangerous words are. They start revolutions. Apparently

hmmm AFF is pretty screwed up and tense to get so high n mighty on this one esp considering the amount of other stuff they showc i think they have some pretty strict codes of practice which they follow to the letter hence their paranoia and why they are so uptight they are after all just a big money making machine, i think AFF is a con in this country, it seems people very rarely hook up, and i am sure their are people on there just to entice u to join, before i came a member a few years ago joined as a non gold, lots of women and couples emailed me, once i joined none of the women or couples ever replied to my emails the same sort of thing happend last year when i joined again i think the % of actual genuine people on there is very very small

They have some incredible technology behind them. It's quite impressive what they can automate on a mass scale. So yes, I totally agree that it is a ruse to get guys hanging on. They don't have that problem with women because women get bombarded - I mean like Pearl Harbor bombarded