'I'm in hell': cruel twist in case of alleged sexual assault


Audrie Pott thought everybody at her high school knew what happened that night.

The 15-year-old had been drinking during a party at a friend's house in the upmarket Silicon Valley suburb of Saratoga. She either fell asleep or passed out. And she woke up to something her family's lawyer described as "unimaginable".

My life is ruined and I don't even remember how.  

"There were some markings on her body, in some sort of permanent marker, indicating that someone had violated her when she was sleeping," lawyer Robert Allard said on Monday. On Audrie's leg was a message, Mr Allard said, that included a boy's name and the words "was here".

"They drew on her, in addition to doing what they did."

And they - three 16-year-olds who had been Audrie's friends since they started high school - are suspected by authorities of taking at least one mobile phone photo of the schoolgirl while she was unconscious and later showing it to 10 or more classmates.

A week after the party, Audrie killed herself.

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