Jeremy's Screensaver


Jeremy: Dear Missy,  Just wanna tell u I had infringed and I will continue to infringe your copyright from your website by using your nude photos as the wallpaper of my mobile, Sorry! You post these for our enjoyment, SLUT!  Out of those photos in your gallery, I love this one very much, perhaps I love beach, dark tanned body and the nipple in this photos seeems to have a real life as she is enjoying the tan very much, haha how sick I am!
Take care

Missy: My Vice President of Copyright Protection will be in contact with you shortly regarding to your blatant theft of protected copyrighted nudie materials homeboy. Well, he would, if I had one. But I don't. So I guess you're in the clear. For the moment!. I've always wanted to be a wallpaper. I have very weird goals in life. :) x