My response to Vimeo

Thank you Riley. I appreciate your response

I am finding it hard to understand which of your terms and conditions I have broken.

Is it that my content is just too hard for you to categorize, and you have taken an "if in doubt, kick it out" approach"?.

Since I intend to incorporate this event with Vimeo into one of my short films, could you clearly indicate which of your terms and conditions I have broken?.

Please understand, the reason for my question is that I want to be fair to Vimeo, since I have great respect for what you are doing, and I understand you are simply reacting to a very bad situation that the porn industry has created that makes it almost possible for you to err in my favour given the legal consequences for you.

I understand there is no subtlety within the law on the space between porn and normal. Obviously, I am trying to change this.

Thank you for your tone and courtesy.

Best regards