Danny's Fantasy

Danny:  I went into the bathroom, stroking my cock hard, and the following scenario drift into my mind,
I was picking u up in Hong Kong International Airport, Once I saw u, I give u a soft kiss, then I drive u to the hotel. At the carpark : I told you, I am sorry, ladies are not allowed to wear bra and panties in my car, if u want me to drive u to hotel, u know what to do!
You were sitting next to me in the car, when we approach the Hung Hom Cross harbour tunnel booth (I know in Queensland, its automatic with a bucket) , I tell u, Missy, you know the cashier is boring everyday, could u spice up his live? You know Asian is very fond of seeing blonde being nude, u know what to do, fucking slut. And I give u a HK$100 note.
Immediately, u take off the vest with a mini skirt, open the left front door and walk to the booth, help me to pay the money, and told the Chinese Man there, sorry, any change?
My cock cum already! I just want to have a girl thats so "slut like that!
Could u read this and masturbate for me, I want u to tell me how u think also. if u come here, it will really happen! Haha
missy: that sounds like something I would do!