AFF update 2

ok, now AFF is saying that someone has complained that in the video '16' - I mention that I was 16 when the event that the video refers to happened, and therefore it is child porn!. Even though:

  • the age of consent in Australia is 16
  • it is my personal story & memory
  • there is no sex in the video, just nudity and words
  • there is only one person in the video - me
  • nowhere in the video is any minor taken advantage of - or exploited in any way shape or form
  • the video is a re-creation - as clearly stated - it was shot 3 weeks ago, and I was 31 years old at the time it was shot.
  • There is only one line of text in the whole video - and the line is - "this is a re-creation of a true event that happened to me when I was 16"
  • There is not a single other reference to my age in the whole video
  • I submitted the '16' video to AFF 3 weeks ago for approval, and we had this same discussion, and they approved it within 24 hours and it was posted on their site.
  • I offered to delete the reference to the age of 16 if it was a problem. AFF said that would not be neccessary.
  • '16' had been up for 2 weeks - with 17,000 views and not one single complaint.
  • there were 44 positive comments on the video saying it was refreshing to see someone being brave and telling a personal story and doing something different, original and creative. But apparently one hater has more influence with AFF than 44 people with class, intelligence and taste.
  • I have offered to delete the offending AFF approved video, or delete the reference to age, or re-cut the video, but nooooooo.......

Despite all this, AFF are refusing to re-instate the account, saying that I have broken their terms of use.

To quote AFF representative 40403 who refused to give his name - "what you have done is not a minor offense, it's not a middling offense, it is a major offense". Saying my age was 16 - truthfully - was a major offense??

When I asked for the number of their legal department, he said - "I am not allowed to give that out. You will have to get a lawyer, or a court order, or the Police to contact AFF ask for the number". To which I said - "I am going to represent myself in this matter, so could I have the number of your legal department?. His reply - I'm sorry, I can't give you that, and there is no-one else here you can speak to.

This is all very interesting because 2 weeks ago a fellow AFFer told me that another member was using my photos in her photo profile, and I complained to AFF but they took no action. That account is still active and she is still using my photos.

Apparently intellectual property theft is also ok with AFF and doesn't break their terms and conditions - since they took everything I published and propagated it through their numerous other sites without any consent whatsoever.

And if you're from AFF and you're reading this and preparing to send me a cease and desist order because I'm speaking out, please, be my guest. Because I also have all the corresspondence with you where I categorically stated that I did not give my permission for this to happen. But if you Google Missy Jubilee, you will see how many Friendfinder associated porn websites my profile has been propagated to - and not a single one with my permission.

Hey AFF, I'm really sorry the facts are inconvenient for you - but you suck. You let scammers and spammers operate on the site with impunity, and you steal peoples content.

To quote and adapt the writing of Francis Ford Coppola in 'Apocalypse Now" - I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.

I have posted a number videos to Red Tube until I can host all the videos on this site, which I'm working on right now. All my new work will be posted to Red Tube as it is completed.


Missy x