Connor Paradis.






Born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1989. Moved to Southern California when I was 9 (Marine Corps brat.) Grew up playing sports such as soccer, basketball and football. Varsity all 4-years in Football and Track & Field. All San Diego County Linebacker/Defensive End. All San Diego County Shot Put & Discus. Joined the US Army when i was 17.5 years of age. served til i was 21. Stationed out of Fort Drum, New York with the 10th Mountain Division. one tour in Afghanistan as a Combat Engineer (demolitions/infantry.) Currently a fighter in Southern California doing MMA. Also train in Krav Maga (Israeli Special Forces Defense) & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Love my life! Love the beach, mi familia (my family), sports, working out/training, hangin out with the buddies, writing poems, photography & photo-editing, my dog Molly, tattoos, helping others (paying it forward) and ready.