Missy Jubilee. 038. Art of Sex

038 of 250

Art of Sex

00:00 This is actually episode 038 by my reckoning.

00:00 The title graphic is disturbing, but also engaging. I also don’t like the term ‘Pop Porn’. I feel you would be better calling it ‘Pop Erotica’ or ‘Pop Psy-sex’.

00:09 Wow – That’s an amazing and unexpected opening. You have my attention.

00:27 I’m really enjoying the colour palette and the graphics and the soundtrack right now.

00:32 Jesus Missy, you actually have clothes on. That’s quite a turn on as weird as that may sound!

00:48 Really great palette, movement & soundtrack. I’m still very engaged. The rhythmic movement of your abdomen and erect nipples are drawing my attention.it almost looks like you are orgasming.

01:26 Yes, making art, not porn – can we please stop calling it anything else.

01:51 Do we call it Pop Porn? I don’t.

02:13 The countdown from 8, and the 2006 are congruous. It feels like we are about to travel back to 2006 for some reason. I like the background picture very much. It is very pretty.

02:35 I’m again very interested in what is going on, especially to see the first film you ever made.

02:39 You look – sweet. And lighter, and less – fucked up :P

02:42 Dare I say, you look optimistic!

02:48 That is a beautiful image of you.

02:52 Lovely soundtrack and such beautiful images. One feels a touch of envy to Max.

03:03 Yes, there is life and Joy in you for sure.

03:19 I see not the worry so much. I see a child.

03:33 That’s a stunning image right there. The soundtrack is working Missy.

03:45 Fark! What the fuck is about to happen?

04:01 No! I do not want this to end.

04:06 Bring the happiness back now!

04:49 Was whipped done with  this soundtrack when first released? I guess not but it is very good!

05:02 OK, well that wasn’t so bad. I didn’t want to see you hurt, so I’m good.

05:30 Soundtrack again really good, but I miss 2006 Missy already.

07:00 All the text up to this point from the last point should be on a scroll. It is really important, and really hard to read in short broken sentences.

07:01 Nice quote from Neal Cassady – very true.

07:05 I’ve like the sound and the images in this part, so please scroll the text too so I can enjoy the story more.

07:14 I get sad to know that you feel very lonely and scared from time to time. I’m a bit sad now actually just thinking about it.

07:47 Blamed for what?

07:53 Properly it is spelled either Down Syndrome or Down’s Syndrome.

09:16 Well finished. Nice timing.

09:22 Spectacular opening sequence to ‘Unnatural’. Beautiful palette, great graphics and sound.

10:33 Great collage during the ‘Patreon Sponsor’ Sequence. I would not date (May 2014) or number the remaining shows. This way it will never seem out of date, and you won’t have to  update the numbers each time. Up to you of course.

11:13 Funky new floating graphic artefact! J

15:32 Nice.