Missy Jubilee. 036 Wonderland

BBBB Episode 36 Wonderland

00:02 Duke Nukem 3D opens the audio with "I hate this place". A large 'warning' sign is displayed. 

Time to strap myself in methinks!

00:04 Negative image Missy and Zombie Vaginas Ahead warning - Check the straps are tight Bernie! 

Screaming audio adds to the nightmare!

00:09 Cross to Missy Doll (hangups not included) - Man this is all in the first 10 seconds!

00:23 I'm already in sensory overload trying to take it all in. The Doll, the Umbrella, the audio 

track, the text on screen, man this is intense!

00:28 A quick flash. Can I relax now?

00:35 The beat starts to pump. I feel some relief except that Missy is naked and upside-down and walking towards me. My head is being goat fucked!

00:38 Yeah Missy, we're all kinda pissed about not being mermaids, believe me! [Sings: "Under the sea, under the sea..."]

00:46 The text and visuals are well integrated.

01:05 The audio crescendo is well mixed with the visuals. There is a lot of anticipations here at the moment.

01:24 Well, at least we can all enjoy a meal in Missyland - is that the message? :)

01:29 The curls are working for me.

01:37 Audio, text and visuals are well mixed for "Who the fuck are you people?"

01:44 Part One and sun steams through. Nice.

01:45 I pause to wonder if we ALL carry a deadness in ourselves that can only be brought to life through sexual attraction. I tend to agree.

01:59 Great Photography Max :)

02:15 I wonder the same things Missy, for myself.

02:21 The facial expression is great here - 'wondering'

02:24 I'm enjoying the music and the colour palette here.

02:32 OK, the was a nice touch. :)

02:42 Some scenes for the foot fetishist?

02:51 There is a lot going on in my head. Too much to think about and watch and listen to all at the same time.

03:00 Great music choice here.

03:09 I like the comparison between hate and love being strong words to throw around. There is an essay in just this alone.

03:22 Good answer Max!

03:43 This is getting interesting - I mean REALLY interesting.

03:47 I'm feeling a bit melancholy now, remembering your parent's letter to you.

03:54 Do you think you might suffer from DID or something similar?  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dissociative_identity_disorder

03:59 Fark. I know where this is heading and it is getting close to the bone.

04:02 I like Max, a lot. (oh and stop smoking)

04:20 I liked curiosity too...

04:37 I can see that crazy child now, in that picture you posted in Facebook, with the 3 frames.

04:50 FFS! Don't strip-off in the background while I'm trying to read and empathise! :)

04:57 What is that in the foreground anyway?

05:00 And then the Zombie Vaginas arrived! How am I supposed to take all this in, in one sitting Missy?

05:17 Getting a bit sad again.

05:24 Maybe love of Missy is key, or forgiveness is key? I'm keen to learn from you, as you are the vanguard to my pain.

05:29 I think you are wrong. Time will tell.

05:46 Yes, Ugh is an emotion.

06:03 So THAT'S where Wonderland is :)

06:08 Nice. Who said you could have a conversation with me? :)

06:13 Stop making me sad.

06:19 Yeah,. that's right. You go, you go now... :P

06:25 Fuck

06:37 Shut the fuck up! This is not about me, its about you!

06:41 No, honesty is pain!

06:47 Fuck! Well, if I'm not the hero of my own story, who the fuck is?

06:50 Oh good. It IS all about you... phew!

07:00 There you go with the Brutality of Honesty again! Fuck! Make it about you! 

07:14 Yep - well put.

07:32 Part Two.

09:09 Fuck!

10:40 I still can't take my eyes off the screen even while the fucking credits roll. Thanks for that!

Are you are going to affect me like this for the next 214 episodes? Fuck!

Bernie Out!