Missy Jubilee. 036.1. Wonderland Preview

36.1 Wonderland Preview


00:01 An interesting opening and the Missy-Doll (hangups not included) takes centre stage :) Nice

00:11 Live harder than any pain you've ever felt. Man that is balls-out! Most of us shrink from pain.

00:33 Loss of emotional control works well with the negative photography.

00:42 The dialogue about emotional pain is engrossing

00:46 New hair do? I like the curls and the retro look. It could catch on.

01:10 The psycho porn trait stuff is kicking in. Being sexually lost and finding peace in the loss, you are doing my head in Missy! :)

01:15 Do you ever wear underwear? :P

01:33 It is in the knowing of not knowing of anything that the knowing of something can begin.

01:42 Short on faith an solitude - join the club :)

01:59 Our demons as play-dates on picnics. Wow! That is actually really deep!

02:15 There is too much to look at!!! Fantastic new angles and colours and stuff AND text!!! Arrrgghh!!!

02:35 OK, so I see why its called Wonderland :)

02:53 And here again, yes wonderful.



OK, so some great new thoughts and themes in this one. Some interesting new photography as well, I thought Max and You would run out of ideas by now. How wrong I was!