Missy Jubilee. 010. Moneyshot.

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Bernie's Blow By Blow

The Money Shot

00:03 We are all loving the Missy Doll. Where can I buy one? Base Arse Beat from the get-go. I'm jumping in my seat. :)

00:04 The eyes are useless when the mind is blind. That's deep, and true.

00:17 'What's in the box' dialogue. Had me a but uptight. I'm not sure what is coming now.

00:21 Intelligence will never stop being beautiful - with breast close up. nice... intelligent breasts or is the message that intelligence is a beautiful as a breast - the latter I think.

01:00 OK, :) that was nice enough. But what does it all mean Basil?

01:23 Portal 2 - you are a horrible person SFX and the text - matching nicely.

02:31 What does the Fox say! :)

03:00 Fuck this shit! :)

03:33 No beauty without strangeness. I think there is some truth here. No originality without strangeness probably. Some things very familiar are quite beautiful. Are you trying to say that unless it is strange is is ugly? I'm not sure if that is correct.

03:47 More Glados (Portal 2) You have to love her don't you? :)

03:55 End. So you have added WAY more to this then was first published obviously. Its very entertaining.