Missy Jubilee. 043. Naked Files 01

BBBB – Naked Files

00:03     An excellent start. Blinking eyes, and we are off!

00:05     Wow! She speaks! Heaven be praised!

00:24     Naked Files intro. A bevy of beautiful women. My Missy is in good company.

01:06     OK, More Missy for the ears. J Now we know who you are. But why are you looking at the floor?

01:34     Many gratuitous vagina shots. Not that I have anything against vaginas, no indeed, but I’m hoping this is not going to be a 48 minute gratuitous vag-fest. I want to know more about the artist.

02:41     The intro has be in, still hoping for more meat.

03:16     There is the meat. J I want a lot more of that. I want to hear about Missy and Max.

04:06     Great! Go on…. Please…

04:57     Ok we are into 1st Orgasm (I think, its one of the early ones for sure). Nice. It reminds me of days long gone.

06:10     An explanation of the real purpose of the projekt. Good.

06:12     OK now we are into Cream’d. One of the more erotic early works, and still a favourite.

20:26     Cream’d is over. It is no wonder they put that much in. It is very erotic, especially for newbies to the MJ culture.

24:52     First things first! Hehehe 25 minutes into it J You look sad, troubled. L

25:26     I’m quite sad at this point in time, young Stumpy.

25:35     You seem quite nervous for someone who struts naked on the sand regularly.

26:00     The tears is well edited in. I like the music too.

26:05     Ok so after that heartfelt “Beauty shines through…” stuff, we are back into pornomatic. I’m confused.

28:42     More meat – beauty in the female body. Thank you. Some Max time now.

28:57     There it is, the little moment, the little spark when you smiled! J Nawww… it made you fall in love with him… Now don’t go making me all mushy!

31:10     Nice interlude. I’m thinking this is well put together at this point.

36:01     The ‘Imagine’ stuff was great.

41:53     That was good to watch and put a good message to the video

42:46     I love that shot, but you knew that. J

43:05     Yes, thank you for being brave. This work is important to many of us, especially the cowards.

43:35     Well you have my gratitude too J

FIN:        Impressive. You and Max should be well proud!