Missy Jubilee. Naked Files 02

BBBB Missy Jubilee. Naked Files 02

00:09 I’m feeling very engaged at this early stage

00:27 The music track over your speech tended to drown you out, which is not what I wanted.

00:38 The last dialogue was audible, thanks.

01:29 OK I’m going to get a set of headphones now to try to hear you better. Maybe it is my crappy 

laptop speakers here.

01:30 OK not much better now, so I’m thinking maybe the dialogue audio is not so good. I will 


02:17 I’m enjoying the remixes of some of the better soundtracks of the past (‘Bang Bang’, and ‘No-

one’s Gunna Know’) 

02:36 The new info about Lou Reed is interesting. It’s like watching a whole new episode (it is new 

material isn’t it Missy?)

04:53 “If you can observe your own thoughts, who is doing the thinking” Wow. Indeed. We need to 


05:06 I understand you – so does Max.

05:14 You challenge everyone who comes in contact with you on many levels. Those who cannot see 

the art are left to think you are a silly little girl. Those who can see the art are left with powerful 

questions and self-haunting accusations. That is really important to me, and only you challenge me 

like this.

06:51 I’m following the story really well to this point…

06:58 Wow! The visuals are stunning! Story lost in the beauty of you. Great work Max 

07:54 I’m really appreciating the effort you have gone to here in the editing and re-mixing of the 

story. The way the text appears on a clear part of the sky is very well done and makes it easy to read.

08:09 The wrap around your head and body is working for me as a metaphor.

08:42 Again, some superb visuals here.

10:00 I was hoping you would have let go of the wrap as a metaphor for your parents leaving you. It 

seemed to be a logical conclusion to the sadness of their letter to you.

10:21 Am I supposed to be able to recognise your vulva out of a police line-up? Because I reckon I 

could now 

11:49 I realise I have been entertained all the way to this point.

13:37 Fantastically well edited and coordinated with the music to this point.

13:44 Fuck this is quite powerful stuff.

15:32 Deep stuff. Really deep stuff. You suffer from the same thing as I do! Jesus! Only I don’t have 

public sex, I make public statements! Jesus!

15:45 Great Black Adder clip!

18:55 I wonder if that is important to you?

27:25 Some good new editing here.

30:37 Your parents seem to be pretty fucked up.

31:51 Nice imagery and selection of track.

34:31 There seems to be a lot of repetition here.

42:05 Nice finish

42:58 Wow! Caroline Myss. I listened to her just last night! Small world Missy J… 

Well done!