Missy Jubilee. 030. UnMask'D

1. Missy Jubilee. 030. UnMask'D.SFW.001.jpg

00:00 Madness! Excellent!
00:20 God I love tartan skirts!
00:26 It going to be Biblical - You genuflect - very nice

00:41 Hell is something you carry around with you - not somewhere you go. You know Missy, I think this is absolutely true, and I'm experiencing that as we speak (or the lack there of)

00:55 You are not getting any uglier

01:10 The Daleks! Hehehehe Nice Segue. I'm feeling calm and relaxed. My tension has been exterminated! Thanks LOL

01:45 I like the way you used the Team America quote to comment on the lobotomy quote.

01:50 Phycho Porn Trait - Nice! Probably very apt methinks.

02:25 Loving the colour palette of the sunset or sunrise there.

02:39 Let's go bitch! I've done action films and then cut to the phycho head thingy - perfect. Music effect very good too.

02:52 Jesus titty fucking Christ - I could have sworn she was telling the truth. Perfect quote in the perfect place in the video.

03:22 Oh yeah, the little red dress. I'm very interested now to find out more. Thanks for reminding me.

03:30 Intellectualcourse - nice.

03:36 Your face! Your pretty face. Nice.

04:06 I'm loving the music, and the scenes are unfolding in exciting ways too.

04:10 The masturbaters will be liking this bit 

04:40 I want to wear it until someone tears it off me. 

05:29 Music is good - graphics are interesting.

06:08 With all that dead meat lying there looking like bad porn. Hehehe. Is this what bad porn looks like?

06:19 I want to tell everybody (reaching up to camera) nice editing.

07:06 If the red dress of shame is torn off, doesn't that mean your shame id torn off too?

07:09 If your problem you self-judgement? Blame edited well with the text and the graphic.

7:39 Maybe I got it from my Mother - the music needs to change soon. But wait! Are you getting naked?

8:09 Nice editing of the end of the little red dress.

9:26 Music change, good. Worked well with covering the lens with the skirt. Before that (the Goddess part) the colour came back and the focus came back and I was thinking that was a good segue out of darkness. But the clarity and the focus did not stay.

10:04 Associate Executive Producer!!! WOW! :)

10:22 the vagina shot worked well here as is implied and opening up, a new honesty.

11:15 The playing with yourself is approved of... :)

12:10 I'm a smoker! I actually laughed out loud.

Some interesting Pulp Fiction stuff to ease me out of my trance.

So... There are a few questions after watching. I'm not sure if you wanted me to ask them, or if I've missed them in the text...

The little red dress is dead? Is the shame gone? Where did it go? Who ripped it off you? Are you able to wear the naked dress of yourself now?

The music did not hold me as others have held me, not all the time anyway. When the Goddess Clarity part happened I was expecting that to be more of a normal filter, at least for a while. It would have made sense to me to be 'clearer' as a metaphor at that point.

Some very good editing, and very good timing in the biblical dance scenes at the end. I thought everyone danced in time.

More colour would be good. I liked especially the colours I have described, and the focus changes.

TIme for your Christmas Masturbation Special?

Thanks for the Credit as AEP. I will keep trying to help you and Max where I can.

In the meantime, my wife has just stormed out so I need to find her and make sure she is OK.