Missy Jubilee. 031.2 Weapons

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I usually do this first,but I’ve already watched it 2 or three times as I watched it, did the script, and then watched it again, so if the blow by blow is not as good or different, that maybe why.


I found the shorter version better and worse than the long version. Better as it seems to have more coherence than the long version, and worse as it lacked the sadness of the long version and the many references to death. The long version was more about death, particularly part 3, so as an artwork it made more sense having the title Requiem.


OK - to the BBB


00:00 Austin Powers - very good. Introducing himself…

00:14 Split to Missyvision - Always exciting. Watch it like you stole it. :) Very good. Made me smile.

00:21 Cut to the Bleached hair and brians part. Excellent new editing and graphic here. Perfect for the feel. A new technique? Lovely close up shot of you.

00:44 Excellent Portal 2 Clip. There is the other Art clip too, which is the smooth jazz one. I was expecting that at the end of the film. http://www.portal2sounds.com/48#s=2

01:14 I think the link to George Bush and Weapons of Mass Destruction (distraction) is too vague for the general audience. More direct ( and you know sublety is not my thing ) would be  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soohikNdbWs

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_tFKa2_YBQ etc.

Having said that, it is a great work of editing form the original editor and from you as well.

04:14 This new angle is quite alluring. It is something I’ve not seen before. I that what you see from day to day? We start to talk about next epidode(s) ‘Natural Born Slut’ and I think there is another one mentioned too? Oh yes. Cirque du Freak. So now I’m not sure what episode is next.

04:47 Some great new editing here too.

05:32 Great editing here.

07:00 Max and Morgan Freeman - :) I liked it. I wonder if the viewer has made the connection yet?

07:43 Lovely eyebrow raise. :) Nice