Bernie's blow by blow


This is Bernie's page.

After every film is released, Bernie sits down with laptop in hand and gives me a blow by blow of each episode. This helps me with the creative process, but it's also quite hilarious to read as one person is thrown in the deep end of a Missy film, to see if they are sinking or swimming with the information overload.

Max and I really enjoy reading long dissertations and breakdown of each film. We thought you might too

(photo representations of Bernie may vary according to circumstances)

Missy Jubilee. Naked Files 02

BBBB Missy Jubilee. Naked Files 02

00:09 I’m feeling very engaged at this early stage

00:27 The music track over your speech tended to drown you out, which is not what I wanted.

00:38 The last dialogue was audible, thanks.

01:29 OK I’m going to get a set of headphones now to try to hear you better. Maybe it is my crappy 

laptop speakers here.

01:30 OK not much better now, so I’m thinking maybe the dialogue audio is not so good. I will 


02:17 I’m enjoying the remixes of some of the better soundtracks of the past (‘Bang Bang’, and ‘No-

one’s Gunna Know’) 

02:36 The new info about Lou Reed is interesting. It’s like watching a whole new episode (it is new 

material isn’t it Missy?)

04:53 “If you can observe your own thoughts, who is doing the thinking” Wow. Indeed. We need to 


05:06 I understand you – so does Max.

05:14 You challenge everyone who comes in contact with you on many levels. Those who cannot see 

the art are left to think you are a silly little girl. Those who can see the art are left with powerful 

questions and self-haunting accusations. That is really important to me, and only you challenge me 

like this.

06:51 I’m following the story really well to this point…

06:58 Wow! The visuals are stunning! Story lost in the beauty of you. Great work Max 

07:54 I’m really appreciating the effort you have gone to here in the editing and re-mixing of the 

story. The way the text appears on a clear part of the sky is very well done and makes it easy to read.

08:09 The wrap around your head and body is working for me as a metaphor.

08:42 Again, some superb visuals here.

10:00 I was hoping you would have let go of the wrap as a metaphor for your parents leaving you. It 

seemed to be a logical conclusion to the sadness of their letter to you.

10:21 Am I supposed to be able to recognise your vulva out of a police line-up? Because I reckon I 

could now 

11:49 I realise I have been entertained all the way to this point.

13:37 Fantastically well edited and coordinated with the music to this point.

13:44 Fuck this is quite powerful stuff.

15:32 Deep stuff. Really deep stuff. You suffer from the same thing as I do! Jesus! Only I don’t have 

public sex, I make public statements! Jesus!

15:45 Great Black Adder clip!

18:55 I wonder if that is important to you?

27:25 Some good new editing here.

30:37 Your parents seem to be pretty fucked up.

31:51 Nice imagery and selection of track.

34:31 There seems to be a lot of repetition here.

42:05 Nice finish

42:58 Wow! Caroline Myss. I listened to her just last night! Small world Missy J… 

Well done!

Missy Jubilee. 043. Naked Files 01

BBBB – Naked Files

00:03     An excellent start. Blinking eyes, and we are off!

00:05     Wow! She speaks! Heaven be praised!

00:24     Naked Files intro. A bevy of beautiful women. My Missy is in good company.

01:06     OK, More Missy for the ears. J Now we know who you are. But why are you looking at the floor?

01:34     Many gratuitous vagina shots. Not that I have anything against vaginas, no indeed, but I’m hoping this is not going to be a 48 minute gratuitous vag-fest. I want to know more about the artist.

02:41     The intro has be in, still hoping for more meat.

03:16     There is the meat. J I want a lot more of that. I want to hear about Missy and Max.

04:06     Great! Go on…. Please…

04:57     Ok we are into 1st Orgasm (I think, its one of the early ones for sure). Nice. It reminds me of days long gone.

06:10     An explanation of the real purpose of the projekt. Good.

06:12     OK now we are into Cream’d. One of the more erotic early works, and still a favourite.

20:26     Cream’d is over. It is no wonder they put that much in. It is very erotic, especially for newbies to the MJ culture.

24:52     First things first! Hehehe 25 minutes into it J You look sad, troubled. L

25:26     I’m quite sad at this point in time, young Stumpy.

25:35     You seem quite nervous for someone who struts naked on the sand regularly.

26:00     The tears is well edited in. I like the music too.

26:05     Ok so after that heartfelt “Beauty shines through…” stuff, we are back into pornomatic. I’m confused.

28:42     More meat – beauty in the female body. Thank you. Some Max time now.

28:57     There it is, the little moment, the little spark when you smiled! J Nawww… it made you fall in love with him… Now don’t go making me all mushy!

31:10     Nice interlude. I’m thinking this is well put together at this point.

36:01     The ‘Imagine’ stuff was great.

41:53     That was good to watch and put a good message to the video

42:46     I love that shot, but you knew that. J

43:05     Yes, thank you for being brave. This work is important to many of us, especially the cowards.

43:35     Well you have my gratitude too J

FIN:        Impressive. You and Max should be well proud!

Missy Jubilee. 041. Then (NSFW version)

BBBB Then 41 of 250

00:01 The Music cadence and tonal quality is quite disturbing. Is this a demonic remix?

00:46 I feel like you are involving me in your 48 hour descent into Hell right now

01:00 Thank fuck

01:33 I feel like you are getting very good at vision mixing, but I am well and truly ready now to get 

into the meat.

02:00 OK , here we go

03:32 Stop playing with your boobs, I’m trying to read here!

03:41 Oh, right... god, the erect nipple is going too far Missy! 

03:51 I think I’d have added a few commas in the text. Eg “But this time this third time I fought back 

possessed like I didn’t back then” could read “But this time, this third time, I fought back, possessed, 

like I didn’t back then” 

04:35 And still with the breast play. I’m a man, I can’t do two things at once you know.

07:05 Without no more wring signs? Perhaps ‘With no more wring signs;?

08:50 Fark. That’s deep right there.

13:56 I’m not sure If I want to see the footage taken in the 48 hours. I’m not sure if I’m strong 

enough for that;

16:42 Fark.

Missy Jubilee. 038. Art of Sex

038 of 250

Art of Sex

00:00 This is actually episode 038 by my reckoning.

00:00 The title graphic is disturbing, but also engaging. I also don’t like the term ‘Pop Porn’. I feel you would be better calling it ‘Pop Erotica’ or ‘Pop Psy-sex’.

00:09 Wow – That’s an amazing and unexpected opening. You have my attention.

00:27 I’m really enjoying the colour palette and the graphics and the soundtrack right now.

00:32 Jesus Missy, you actually have clothes on. That’s quite a turn on as weird as that may sound!

00:48 Really great palette, movement & soundtrack. I’m still very engaged. The rhythmic movement of your abdomen and erect nipples are drawing my almost looks like you are orgasming.

01:26 Yes, making art, not porn – can we please stop calling it anything else.

01:51 Do we call it Pop Porn? I don’t.

02:13 The countdown from 8, and the 2006 are congruous. It feels like we are about to travel back to 2006 for some reason. I like the background picture very much. It is very pretty.

02:35 I’m again very interested in what is going on, especially to see the first film you ever made.

02:39 You look – sweet. And lighter, and less – fucked up :P

02:42 Dare I say, you look optimistic!

02:48 That is a beautiful image of you.

02:52 Lovely soundtrack and such beautiful images. One feels a touch of envy to Max.

03:03 Yes, there is life and Joy in you for sure.

03:19 I see not the worry so much. I see a child.

03:33 That’s a stunning image right there. The soundtrack is working Missy.

03:45 Fark! What the fuck is about to happen?

04:01 No! I do not want this to end.

04:06 Bring the happiness back now!

04:49 Was whipped done with  this soundtrack when first released? I guess not but it is very good!

05:02 OK, well that wasn’t so bad. I didn’t want to see you hurt, so I’m good.

05:30 Soundtrack again really good, but I miss 2006 Missy already.

07:00 All the text up to this point from the last point should be on a scroll. It is really important, and really hard to read in short broken sentences.

07:01 Nice quote from Neal Cassady – very true.

07:05 I’ve like the sound and the images in this part, so please scroll the text too so I can enjoy the story more.

07:14 I get sad to know that you feel very lonely and scared from time to time. I’m a bit sad now actually just thinking about it.

07:47 Blamed for what?

07:53 Properly it is spelled either Down Syndrome or Down’s Syndrome.

09:16 Well finished. Nice timing.

09:22 Spectacular opening sequence to ‘Unnatural’. Beautiful palette, great graphics and sound.

10:33 Great collage during the ‘Patreon Sponsor’ Sequence. I would not date (May 2014) or number the remaining shows. This way it will never seem out of date, and you won’t have to  update the numbers each time. Up to you of course.

11:13 Funky new floating graphic artefact! J

15:32 Nice.

Missy Jubilee. 036 Wonderland

BBBB Episode 36 Wonderland

00:02 Duke Nukem 3D opens the audio with "I hate this place". A large 'warning' sign is displayed. 

Time to strap myself in methinks!

00:04 Negative image Missy and Zombie Vaginas Ahead warning - Check the straps are tight Bernie! 

Screaming audio adds to the nightmare!

00:09 Cross to Missy Doll (hangups not included) - Man this is all in the first 10 seconds!

00:23 I'm already in sensory overload trying to take it all in. The Doll, the Umbrella, the audio 

track, the text on screen, man this is intense!

00:28 A quick flash. Can I relax now?

00:35 The beat starts to pump. I feel some relief except that Missy is naked and upside-down and walking towards me. My head is being goat fucked!

00:38 Yeah Missy, we're all kinda pissed about not being mermaids, believe me! [Sings: "Under the sea, under the sea..."]

00:46 The text and visuals are well integrated.

01:05 The audio crescendo is well mixed with the visuals. There is a lot of anticipations here at the moment.

01:24 Well, at least we can all enjoy a meal in Missyland - is that the message? :)

01:29 The curls are working for me.

01:37 Audio, text and visuals are well mixed for "Who the fuck are you people?"

01:44 Part One and sun steams through. Nice.

01:45 I pause to wonder if we ALL carry a deadness in ourselves that can only be brought to life through sexual attraction. I tend to agree.

01:59 Great Photography Max :)

02:15 I wonder the same things Missy, for myself.

02:21 The facial expression is great here - 'wondering'

02:24 I'm enjoying the music and the colour palette here.

02:32 OK, the was a nice touch. :)

02:42 Some scenes for the foot fetishist?

02:51 There is a lot going on in my head. Too much to think about and watch and listen to all at the same time.

03:00 Great music choice here.

03:09 I like the comparison between hate and love being strong words to throw around. There is an essay in just this alone.

03:22 Good answer Max!

03:43 This is getting interesting - I mean REALLY interesting.

03:47 I'm feeling a bit melancholy now, remembering your parent's letter to you.

03:54 Do you think you might suffer from DID or something similar?

03:59 Fark. I know where this is heading and it is getting close to the bone.

04:02 I like Max, a lot. (oh and stop smoking)

04:20 I liked curiosity too...

04:37 I can see that crazy child now, in that picture you posted in Facebook, with the 3 frames.

04:50 FFS! Don't strip-off in the background while I'm trying to read and empathise! :)

04:57 What is that in the foreground anyway?

05:00 And then the Zombie Vaginas arrived! How am I supposed to take all this in, in one sitting Missy?

05:17 Getting a bit sad again.

05:24 Maybe love of Missy is key, or forgiveness is key? I'm keen to learn from you, as you are the vanguard to my pain.

05:29 I think you are wrong. Time will tell.

05:46 Yes, Ugh is an emotion.

06:03 So THAT'S where Wonderland is :)

06:08 Nice. Who said you could have a conversation with me? :)

06:13 Stop making me sad.

06:19 Yeah,. that's right. You go, you go now... :P

06:25 Fuck

06:37 Shut the fuck up! This is not about me, its about you!

06:41 No, honesty is pain!

06:47 Fuck! Well, if I'm not the hero of my own story, who the fuck is?

06:50 Oh good. It IS all about you... phew!

07:00 There you go with the Brutality of Honesty again! Fuck! Make it about you! 

07:14 Yep - well put.

07:32 Part Two.

09:09 Fuck!

10:40 I still can't take my eyes off the screen even while the fucking credits roll. Thanks for that!

Are you are going to affect me like this for the next 214 episodes? Fuck!

Bernie Out!

Missy Jubilee. 036.1. Wonderland Preview

36.1 Wonderland Preview


00:01 An interesting opening and the Missy-Doll (hangups not included) takes centre stage :) Nice

00:11 Live harder than any pain you've ever felt. Man that is balls-out! Most of us shrink from pain.

00:33 Loss of emotional control works well with the negative photography.

00:42 The dialogue about emotional pain is engrossing

00:46 New hair do? I like the curls and the retro look. It could catch on.

01:10 The psycho porn trait stuff is kicking in. Being sexually lost and finding peace in the loss, you are doing my head in Missy! :)

01:15 Do you ever wear underwear? :P

01:33 It is in the knowing of not knowing of anything that the knowing of something can begin.

01:42 Short on faith an solitude - join the club :)

01:59 Our demons as play-dates on picnics. Wow! That is actually really deep!

02:15 There is too much to look at!!! Fantastic new angles and colours and stuff AND text!!! Arrrgghh!!!

02:35 OK, so I see why its called Wonderland :)

02:53 And here again, yes wonderful.



OK, so some great new thoughts and themes in this one. Some interesting new photography as well, I thought Max and You would run out of ideas by now. How wrong I was!

Missy Jubilee. 035. Come

00:00 Unfuck the World! Yes, let’s do that together. Only we can.

00:03 Angelo Buschini/Massive Attack – It starts! J

00:06 The beat is pumping nicely.

00:13 LOL. “… is rated M for a mature Audience… “ nice J And nice poetry quote from Philip Larkin. But it is not just poetry that is no-one else’s business, it really is just about everything that is no-one else's business! J

00:23 Nice Portal 2 Audio, Missy pose and weirdo quote. I don’t think you are bitter and hollow or shallow. He’s a cock. The Portal 2 Buzzer made me laugh.

00:33 Followed up with a ‘Not your Bitch’, Yes. Nice.

00:39 J ‘Specialising in … woman… own sexuality…’ OK! I get the point. J

00:43 Beat is great.

00:46 Classic Macintosh – and Portal 2 quote. Nice.

01:24 You keep saying the “Future Sex Projekt” – Isn't is the Future Sex Love Art Projekt?

01:45 Change of Music and there you are! Smiling. Hello!

02:14 Christ!

02:20 Christ is that what I think it is? I mean really? Christ!

03:24 Christ! Oh Yeah, nice Ringo Starr music too but Holy shit! I wasn't prepared for this Missy! J

04:16 Jesus… I need to catch my breath… Oh Lordy Lord…

04:34 Fark, the masturbators are going to have a field day with this…

04:46 Your Mother’s got a Penis… :J really? I don’t want to ask her about that, but I wish I could dance like those guys.

04:53 I like that comedian. Yep, he’s a keeper. Bill Hicks?

05:12 Lovely love-heart picture in the tunnel. I approve. Is that you and Max?

05:15 Oh Good, there is a part 2… Must keep focused now after part one – Jesus – not easy.

05:36 Love the little girl with the attitude…

05:45 You have a great sense of humour.

05:54 Scare the world, tell the truth about sex! Yes, it’s a great concept. I reckon the world would be scared to know the truth about ANYTHING really.

06:16 J We never really grow up. Yes, now that I’m old enough to know that is true for me I agree. But I wonder if it is true for Rupert Murdoch?

06:21 WOW I've not seen you walking along the beach clothed before. It was very erotic J

07:04 The Sarah Silverman quote strikes hard to the bone (pardon the pun). I mean it is really to the point. Men do that. Women don’t (as a generality). Wow, we never really consider why that is, but I think that men are made to feel ashamed of this by their women, who don’t understand, and who are envious of some phantasm fantasy their men play in their heads that probably does not contain them… Women are basically insecure because they are never pretty enough, well, that’s what they learn.

07:23 I think that masturbation is taboo for men as well, not to the same extent, but it is certainly not cool to say to a mate over a beer in his man-cave ‘Mate, don’t mind me, I’m just going to toss one off.’

07:35 I agree with you, it would not be on YouTube and not on many other sites other than porn sites. Nice girls are indeed taught not to masturbate, as are nice boys. Because men masturbate a lot, the guilt about it should not be overlooked.

10:01 Oh! Surprise doggy porn! Nice!

10:17 Let the shaming begin!

11:56 Well rounded off with Portal 2 J


Final Thoughts


OK…. WOW! That’s like the most amazing video yet. Something for everyone there  Missy. It is edgy, direct, thought provoking and purposeful. It just gets better and better. Congratulations.

Missy Jubilee. 034.1 Perve 01 Preview

1. Missy Jubilee. 034.1.001.jpg

Perve Preview 34.1

00:03 Sneak Preview then following onto Missy Doll (Batteries not included) were good.

00:09 Pride is a spiritual cancer that eats any possibility of love. Nice quote. Was the text angled down to the right? It was a bit off-putting. Maybe I’m just cock-eyed?…

00:13 the Combi van is cute. I’d have left I more up towards the camera to pretend it was to scale with the Missy Doll

00:15 OUCH! Hehehe

00:19 We haven’t seen you on the beach for quite a while Missy. Welcome back.

00:35 …Don’t spoon the bacon... {CUMB}…

01:06 Perve 01 – will there be more after the main event?

01:15 I like the music at this part of the presentation.

01:18 Four points of view etc. Well this is got quite interesting!

02:12 Story one – ‘My Story’. So will perve 2,3 and 4 be the other stories? I like your stories.

Missy Jubilee. 010. Moneyshot.

1. Missy Jubilee. 010. Moneyshot.002.jpg

Bernie's Blow By Blow

The Money Shot

00:03 We are all loving the Missy Doll. Where can I buy one? Base Arse Beat from the get-go. I'm jumping in my seat. :)

00:04 The eyes are useless when the mind is blind. That's deep, and true.

00:17 'What's in the box' dialogue. Had me a but uptight. I'm not sure what is coming now.

00:21 Intelligence will never stop being beautiful - with breast close up. nice... intelligent breasts or is the message that intelligence is a beautiful as a breast - the latter I think.

01:00 OK, :) that was nice enough. But what does it all mean Basil?

01:23 Portal 2 - you are a horrible person SFX and the text - matching nicely.

02:31 What does the Fox say! :)

03:00 Fuck this shit! :)

03:33 No beauty without strangeness. I think there is some truth here. No originality without strangeness probably. Some things very familiar are quite beautiful. Are you trying to say that unless it is strange is is ugly? I'm not sure if that is correct.

03:47 More Glados (Portal 2) You have to love her don't you? :)

03:55 End. So you have added WAY more to this then was first published obviously. Its very entertaining.


Missy Jubilee. Y2K14

1. Missy Jubilee.032. Y2K14.NSFW.jpg

You never fail to impress by the way these films get more and more interesting and exciting. Overall impressions were very good. Excellent coordination of the movement to the sound track, Great original clips, amazing new lighting effects, and I love the doll at the start. I was so busy watching everything else, I thought it was you! Well done Max and Missy on that one.


The leading graphic is very alluring

00:00 - 00:12 Ass fucking dialogue and doll on the beach - brilliant start!

00:12 - 00:17 Countdown - yes - effective. Made my mind water... you know what I mean

00:18 - 01:18 Oiling sequence. So much to see here. May have to watch this a few times to see it all. The oil on your body is spectacular. The open leg parts where your pussy cannot be seen will frustrate the masturbators. Music and Sync very good.

01:18 - 01:52 Quite trance like! New and effective lighting. Good music and sync.

01:52 - 02:07 Lovely use of clips! Robocop too! Nice!

02:07 - 02:18 Your kind of people are not assholes. They like your kind of erotica. Nice. :)

02:18 - 03:11 I just realised the point of this film - to introduce the next year of random weirdness and stuff. I get it!

03:11 - 03:19 I can put my stalker montage away now - I have seen your whole face. I think I may now recognise you in a crowd. I wonder would I have the courage to come and say hello to you?

Congratulations Missy and Max - its an integrated little package that managed to keep me riveted to the screen, and I had to watch it 3 times to take it all in, it never got old. 

I'm keen to see the next release now.

Missy Jubilee. Mask'D

1. Missy Jubilee. 029. MaskD. 001.jpg


The Lipstick clip is powerful metaphor. Oh! And there is mascara too!


The 'I want to *ucking tear you apart clip sets a good tone'

I love that, cause it's unclear who's saying. Doctors, parents or me. Ambiguity

Shit! It that a gas mask?

Hahaha!. You're right, a paintball mask bought on line by Max for $2. He's quite resourceful. But I love that it looks like a gas mask. Going for a very World War 2, 1950's Armageddon look

The intro text sounds like it should have been in your very first episode, as you are explaining what you are doing. Its pretty depressing.

I purposely kept it back so that people understand I'm not all about sensationalism. The next episode is Flo with the Go, and that explains all about the actual project - thought I should do that after 30 episodes!. Everything I do is arse backwards.

The dew or moisture on the lens feels like tears, and is effective. The Sepia work at the start seems a bit dark, I would have liked to have seen more of the mask. The sound during the sepia part fits the work (3.03).

I hadn't thought of the rain on the lens as tears. I really like that. I hope other people get that impression. With regard to the darkness, I was trying to replicate what it is like on mind altering drugs - I was trying to achieve a suffocating feeling, but I will have a look at the darkness in the correction edit.

(3.15) interesting connection to Psychotropic drugs and other countries banning these films.(I wish I could be banned in some countries - oh how I envy you).

Hahahaha! My website is blocked in Saudi Arabia, Iran and a couple others around the region. I am fascinated that someone somewhere actually looked at it and said 'No, our peoples shouldn't see this, this is too subversive'. That is so hilarious!

(3.38) The message is clear. Music still fits well.

(3.54) Nice GITMO reference - very now...

Seriously, if we're in the business of fucking people up, I think we need to work out what we're going to do with them 1. Kill them . 2 Warehouse them forever - because if we release them, we just created some issues that are going to come back and bite us on the arse.

(4.28) Cute polka dot boots

Bunnings. $15. Bargain!

(4.57) This is leading back to your parents isn't it!


(5.07) Oh! Its a paint ball mask!

Double Hahahaha!

(5.29) for a nutter, you make a lot of interesting points

Nutter!!! LMFAO!. I think I will have to use that in an upcoming episode that details all the names I've been called as a badge of honour. Nutter goes on the list. I love it!

(5.41) "I must have a dark side if I 'm to be whole". Powerful powerful statement!

I can't condemn psychiatry, because Jung was very enlightened. But I do worry about psychiatrist who work with the military and facilitate human experimentation

(5.56) are you playing in the mud? Looks like fun! I think all dark sides are 'dirty' That's why they are dark. We all have one.

It was friggin cold!

(6.07) some DEEP Jung Stuff there.

Deep, but hopefully it comes across as reasoned and reasonable

(6.23) Now that's a depressing thought - always something to ruin our lives....

(6.35) Free will thoughts - very deep. The music has been going for a long time now - time to change the mood?

(6.40) Oh good, it changed right on cue!

Hahaha! That is so funny, cause that is what I put so much time into, making things change just when people think it should. Timing is one think I am very anal about

(7.17) Different people dance in the rain in the mud in the nude in polka-dotted wellingtons!


(7.39) The music fits well with the 'car clip'

That car clip is actually the music video for that song, I cut the music video into the footage. I liked it as a technique. I get to speak narratively on 2 levels - footage level, and film clip level. Could be confusing for some.

(7.43) Unicorn - LOL

:) And oldy but a goody

(8.10) well if you are the anti-christ, isnt that a good thing on some level. God knows the bastardisation of Christ has fucked the world, and may be the basis of why you we abused by your parents. The video here is good too - getting weird.

Getting weird Hahaha!. If you know the movie Donnie Darko - that quote is when he gets up and says it to a preacher.

(8.22) fuck, that thing about your Dad wanting a boy and got you cut me deep Shrek.


(9.33) Do you REALLY need to keep calling yourself a slut? You don't scare me

I use these words as a rebuttal to society. If you call yourself the worse words possible, it's funny to then watch people who disagree search for disparaging terms. Cause if they call me a name that I already call myself, they are in fact agreeing with me. It's all very meta.

(10.10) so mush desperation in the 'Who are you' clips and the filtered vision of you without the mask! I like it.

Did the messaging in the last section come across clearly. I had to toe a fine line there between taking a position - and coming across like a conspiracy 'nutter' (see, I'm using it already)

And so its ends where it began.

I love that. It ends where it begins

OK, So, it IS VERY POLITICAL. It is VERY personal as well. The masturbators are going to hate it.

I love this kind of shit. Well done again to you and Max. I want to run naked in the rain and mud now.

Hahaha!. Thank you Bernie. I will have to get your blow by blow on every upcoming video. It's like having a focus group giving real time feedback.

Keep it up, both of you.

:) x

Love Me.

Missy Jubilee. 031.1 Requiem. The Long Version

1. Missy Jubilee.031.1. Requiem. NSFW.jpg

BEEGEES Blow By Blow - Requiem - Long Version

For what it may be worth

00:00 'I think you are filth...' Powerful Start. The graphic shows submission and pain. Wow.

00:04 Oscsar Wilde Quote - Very nice.

00:12 Missy doll sold seperately. :) I like the double meanings here. Great time lapse photography Max!

00:17 The price is wrong bitch. Look this is a masterstroke right there. More double meanings.

00:24 Make are, make love, make do. Nice.

00:44 Surprise Surprise Surprise - Missed a Gomer Pile Chance there :)

01:18 Renovating some memories. Nice. Holy shit I've just seen this goes for 25 Minutes! Fark! :)

01:27 Now if got to figure out if I can continue. I guess this is what you spoke to me about.

02:01 I like the editing in this part of the intro. There is doubt in your eyes so that marries well into the figuring out if you can continue theme.

02;12 Some sadness for me in the Antione De Saint Exupery quote.

02:30 The axis of Angst - Change in mood. I'll get some popcorn.

02:41 Max gets a question. :) I like.

02:58 Trying to read and understand the significance of the GWB quote as well as watch you is difficult and required me to revisit this a few times so that I understood everything.

05:38 So much to understand here. You used to put the text on the screen with the rest of the graphics and spoon feed it in. There was a lot to know there, and a lot to watch. I was thinking as I watched it, it would be easier to take it all in if what you and max were saying was spoken, or if thats never going to happen, perhaps your words are in pink and Max's are in blue, or Your words on one side of the screen and his on the other. Because there is so much happening, it would have just made my comprehension of this important conversation easier.

06:04 I had a real big smile here with the Young Frankenstein clip. Hehehe It was perfectly timed after the 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4 intro. :)

06:14 The bluebird poem is going to make me cry isn't it....

07:20 Fark...

07:39 :) The tough guy dancing was not expected. Nice change-up!

08:20 It feels like a rebirth as is goes on, a joyous thing. But there is much more to go yet, and I don't trust myself to hope that this is going to go on for the next 18 minutes. Not with a title like requiem.

08:25 Time's up Missy. Bugger, I knew deep down that this was not going to last. :(

08:29 OH!!! He was the Techno Viking! I'm such a nob.

08:44 WTF!!! LOL... So I'm sitting up in bed with my laptop watching the Techno Viking and you chat and then the Guy and the CD drive happens. Well I could not contain my glee.

12:09 Is this an homage to Charles. It feels a bit like that at this point, coming right after the last video about Frank. Then I learn about Charles' upbringing, and I wonder of yours was similar?

13:00 I'm learning a lot about Bukowski. So much in fact that I think I might want to read some of his poems. Is that wrong? :P

13:39 Funny - Weird but funny.

14:20 OK, so there is a message here for you. Don't Try. It will come to you as it should. Just keep doing what you do and try to free it into the universe without worrying about the critics.

14:37 Yes, the bug is coming. But I'm not sure you need to kill it.

15:01 Nice (true) Yoda saying. We see where this is going. Facing your dark side. This will appeal to the Star Wars fans :)

16:21 There is a whole new conversation to be had in the contemplation of your own death. I believe, that unless you make death your friend, you will never properly live. I believe, that all great artists have made death an ally, and in that alliance, there is the great freedom which allows them to stand, and gives us a sense of awe of them. Great artists are awesome because death is their ally. You are not being a drama queen, you are being a caterpillar in a chrysalis - and you will emerge beautiful, new, unstained and free.

16:57 Hoorah for Edward Snowden!

17:28 LOL Mud in the face.

17:39 Yeah, I'll have a helping of that!

18:05 Afraid of Pencils... CUMB… hehehe

18:07 Thank you.

18:20 All smiles now… Having fun storming the castle.

18:52 Tin Can Alley – There is more – and its scaring me…

19:12 I somehow don’t think you are going to be forgotten

19:37 Excellent blend of imagery and music to bring back the bluebird meme.

20:52 Great editing here. 4 images and text and music blending well.

22:14 There may be some salvation yet. This image suggests to me that through release of sexual tension you may be able to release your past. It’s a powerful metaphor.

23:39 Nice Zen quote – better to finish now.

23:59 Methinks you did know this beforehand J

24:10 That last quote from Edge is in the shape of a skull. Was that intentional?

 General Comments

Not as harrowing to watch as I was forewarned about, but perhaps harrowing to produce.

How does Max fare with the ‘Still have not found what I’m looking for’ stuff. Your relationship is obviously very strong.

Great use in part 3 of the Mozart Requiem Mass. The music was haunting.

I’m not sure what to make of it. I’m a lot happier than I thought I’d be at the end of it, perhaps its because I feel deep down as if you have killed something, or paid homage to a few dead feelings here, and we are about to embark on a new adventure as we storm the castle? It serves well as an end to the first 30 episodes in any case, very well indeed.

I hope it maxes out the charts for you.




Missy Jubilee. 030. UnMask'D

1. Missy Jubilee. 030. UnMask'D.SFW.001.jpg

00:00 Madness! Excellent!
00:20 God I love tartan skirts!
00:26 It going to be Biblical - You genuflect - very nice

00:41 Hell is something you carry around with you - not somewhere you go. You know Missy, I think this is absolutely true, and I'm experiencing that as we speak (or the lack there of)

00:55 You are not getting any uglier

01:10 The Daleks! Hehehehe Nice Segue. I'm feeling calm and relaxed. My tension has been exterminated! Thanks LOL

01:45 I like the way you used the Team America quote to comment on the lobotomy quote.

01:50 Phycho Porn Trait - Nice! Probably very apt methinks.

02:25 Loving the colour palette of the sunset or sunrise there.

02:39 Let's go bitch! I've done action films and then cut to the phycho head thingy - perfect. Music effect very good too.

02:52 Jesus titty fucking Christ - I could have sworn she was telling the truth. Perfect quote in the perfect place in the video.

03:22 Oh yeah, the little red dress. I'm very interested now to find out more. Thanks for reminding me.

03:30 Intellectualcourse - nice.

03:36 Your face! Your pretty face. Nice.

04:06 I'm loving the music, and the scenes are unfolding in exciting ways too.

04:10 The masturbaters will be liking this bit 

04:40 I want to wear it until someone tears it off me. 

05:29 Music is good - graphics are interesting.

06:08 With all that dead meat lying there looking like bad porn. Hehehe. Is this what bad porn looks like?

06:19 I want to tell everybody (reaching up to camera) nice editing.

07:06 If the red dress of shame is torn off, doesn't that mean your shame id torn off too?

07:09 If your problem you self-judgement? Blame edited well with the text and the graphic.

7:39 Maybe I got it from my Mother - the music needs to change soon. But wait! Are you getting naked?

8:09 Nice editing of the end of the little red dress.

9:26 Music change, good. Worked well with covering the lens with the skirt. Before that (the Goddess part) the colour came back and the focus came back and I was thinking that was a good segue out of darkness. But the clarity and the focus did not stay.

10:04 Associate Executive Producer!!! WOW! :)

10:22 the vagina shot worked well here as is implied and opening up, a new honesty.

11:15 The playing with yourself is approved of... :)

12:10 I'm a smoker! I actually laughed out loud.

Some interesting Pulp Fiction stuff to ease me out of my trance.

So... There are a few questions after watching. I'm not sure if you wanted me to ask them, or if I've missed them in the text...

The little red dress is dead? Is the shame gone? Where did it go? Who ripped it off you? Are you able to wear the naked dress of yourself now?

The music did not hold me as others have held me, not all the time anyway. When the Goddess Clarity part happened I was expecting that to be more of a normal filter, at least for a while. It would have made sense to me to be 'clearer' as a metaphor at that point.

Some very good editing, and very good timing in the biblical dance scenes at the end. I thought everyone danced in time.

More colour would be good. I liked especially the colours I have described, and the focus changes.

TIme for your Christmas Masturbation Special?

Thanks for the Credit as AEP. I will keep trying to help you and Max where I can.

In the meantime, my wife has just stormed out so I need to find her and make sure she is OK.




Missy Jubilee. 031.2 Weapons

1. Missy Jubilee. 31.2. Weapons. NSFW.jpg


I usually do this first,but I’ve already watched it 2 or three times as I watched it, did the script, and then watched it again, so if the blow by blow is not as good or different, that maybe why.


I found the shorter version better and worse than the long version. Better as it seems to have more coherence than the long version, and worse as it lacked the sadness of the long version and the many references to death. The long version was more about death, particularly part 3, so as an artwork it made more sense having the title Requiem.


OK - to the BBB


00:00 Austin Powers - very good. Introducing himself…

00:14 Split to Missyvision - Always exciting. Watch it like you stole it. :) Very good. Made me smile.

00:21 Cut to the Bleached hair and brians part. Excellent new editing and graphic here. Perfect for the feel. A new technique? Lovely close up shot of you.

00:44 Excellent Portal 2 Clip. There is the other Art clip too, which is the smooth jazz one. I was expecting that at the end of the film.

01:14 I think the link to George Bush and Weapons of Mass Destruction (distraction) is too vague for the general audience. More direct ( and you know sublety is not my thing ) would be etc.

Having said that, it is a great work of editing form the original editor and from you as well.

04:14 This new angle is quite alluring. It is something I’ve not seen before. I that what you see from day to day? We start to talk about next epidode(s) ‘Natural Born Slut’ and I think there is another one mentioned too? Oh yes. Cirque du Freak. So now I’m not sure what episode is next.

04:47 Some great new editing here too.

05:32 Great editing here.

07:00 Max and Morgan Freeman - :) I liked it. I wonder if the viewer has made the connection yet?

07:43 Lovely eyebrow raise. :) Nice