For those curious about what has happened with me and AFF, I have condensed two blog posts here to outline permanently everything that has happened because I want to have a record of the hypocrisy that exists in the porn industry -hypocrisy in the porn industry??

No-one said doing something different & original in porn was going to be easy - but I get a little peeved when a mega porn corporation that owns some of the most hardcore websites out there (http://ffn.com/our-sites/) accuses me of being a child pornographer, even though I was the one in the video, and I was 31 years old at the time. The logic defies explanation.

Some Friendfinder Networks background for context:

FriendFinder Networks Inc. is a Internet-based social networking and technology company operating several of the most heavily-trafficked websites in the world. FriendFinder Networks also licenses the globally recognized Penthouse brand to a variety of consumer product companies and entertainment venues, and publishes branded men’s lifestyle magazines.

Penthouse Media Group Inc. acquired Various Inc., in December 2007 and subsequently changed their name from Penthouse Media Group Inc. to FriendFinder Networks Inc.

200712306866 - Copy You suck.jpg

So, here's the story........

AFF was the website I was using to publish all my photos and videos exclusively.

On March 16, I received this corresspondence from AFF to do with a larger issue. This was one week after '16' had been posted and approved by AFF and had over 10,000 views.

It read: "We're glad you're a member. Thanks for your participation. Sincerely"

They didn't seem to have any issue there with the concept of the video.

But on 24th March, AFF deleted my account saying that someone had complained that in the video '16' - I mention that I was 16 when the event that the video refers to happened, and therefore it is child porn.

200806118092 - Copy.jpg

Even though:

  • the age of consent in Australia is 16
  • it is my personal story & memory
  • there is no sex in the video, just nudity and words
  • there is only one person in the video - me
  • nowhere in the video is any minor taken advantage of - or exploited in any way shape or form
  • the video is a re-creation - as clearly stated - it was shot 3 weeks ago, and I was 31 years old at the time it was shot. To quote my AFF friend Mr Master "you have a fantastic body and I love the way you look but I don't think you could be mistaken for a 16yo. Sorry. They don't have a leg to stand on there".
  • There is only one line of text in the whole video that refers to the age of 16, and the line is - "this is a re-creation of a true event that happened to me when I was 16"
  • There is not a single other reference to my age in the whole video
  • I submitted the '16' video to AFF 3 weeks ago for approval, and we had this same discussion since its approval was held up.
  • I offered to delete the reference to the age of 16 if it was a problem. AFF said that would not be neccessary. They approved it within 24 hours and it was posted on their site.
  • '16' had been up for 2 weeks - with 17,444 views and not one single complaint.
  • there were 44 positive comments and 70 likes on the video saying it was refreshing to see someone being brave and telling a personal story and doing something and offering something different, original and creative. But apparently one hater has more influence with AFF than 44 people with class, intelligence and taste. Talk about managing to the lowest common denominator.
  • I offered to delete the offending AFF approved video, or delete the reference to age, or re-cut the video, or basically do what ever they wanted me to do so that we could work together on this - but nooooooo.......

I sent AFF the following message, which read in part:


"If I have done anything wrong, please tell me, as it was not my intention. I love expressing myself within the AFF community and I want to work with AFF and promote AFF from my own website as well. I'm not sure if your records show this, but I have had a huge number of people e-mailing me and saying that they upgraded their membership just so they could view my videos. I am an artist. I am not a company, or a spammer, or a scammer. My stuff is a little different, but I have got a massive amount of feedback that fellow AFFers really appreciate the production values and originality. I appreciate your time and look forward to your feedback so we can sort this out to your satisfaction".

This is what AFF wrote in reponse to my complaint at this unfair and indiscriminate treatment and name calling:

"Dear member, thank you for contacting our Abuse team. Your account was removed due to fraudulent activities. This account is not available for release. You have been banned from our site, and any account created will be removed without refund. If you have any questions, please email us again. Thank you. Joan B. Customer Service"

So, in essence I received a computer generated form letter back. Not even the courtesy of a personal response to the questions I raised.

I then rang AFF in California complaining about this treatment. After being on hold for 20 minutes and being passed through to 3 different people, AFF explained 'the fraudulent activities' - and they were that '16' had been reviewed again  and now it had been classed as child pornography!.

Not sure if they know this but child pornography is criminal, not fraudulent. These people are all over the shop.


AFF refused to reinstate the account, saying that I have broken their terms of use and I was therefore banned for........well.........forever.


So when the end of the world comes and the sun explodes in 3 billion years, I will still be banned from AFF. That's epic!. Talk about being excluded from something.

And surprise surprise - there is no review or appeal process. How convenient. For them. Guilty until proven guilty. Apparently AFF does not believe in due process, a fair hearing or that they could possibly be wrong.

Their decision is final. End of story. Tip your waitress. Turn off the lights.

To quote AFF representative 40403 who refused to give his full name - "what you have done is not a minor offense, it's not a middling offense, it is a major offense".

Saying my age was 16, when I was of legal age - was a major offense??

So..........is a middling offense making typo on your profile?.

When I asked for the number of their legal department, he said - "I am not allowed to give that out. You will have to get a lawyer, or a court order, or the Police to contact AFF ask for the number".


To which I said - "I am going to represent myself in this matter, so could I have the number of your legal department?.

His reply - I'm sorry, I can't give you that, and there is no-one else here you can speak to.

You are a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ and you refuse to give out the number for your legal department to someone representing themselves against your indiscriminate, unfair and defamtory accusations?.

Do you think GE or Microsoft would do that?.

And then the icing on the cake - Mr 'I have no name, but I have a number 40403' said that this video had gone through a first review at AFF, and that's why it was posted.

But they 'apparently' have a second review process (this review must take place 2 weeks after videos are posted!!. Do you people really believe this shit!) and that 2nd review panel had determined that the video was child porn.

The offending sentence - "this is a re-creation of an event that happened to me when I was 16" - occurs in the first 30 seconds of the video.

Your first review process must suck more than you do. Either that, or the first review panel is staffed by monkeys more interested in bananas than intelligent assessment of submitted material.

This is all very interesting because 2 weeks ago a fellow AFFer told me that another member was using my photos in her photo profile, and I complained to AFF but they took no action. Not one tiny little thing. Not even acknowledgement of the abuse report. That account is still active and she is still using my photos.

Apparently intellectual property theft is also ok with AFF and doesn't break their terms and conditions - since they took everything I published and propagated it through their numerous other sites without my written consent. Yes AFF, we'll get to the T&C issue in a second. Stay with me.


If you're an executive from AFF and you're reading this and preparing to send me a cease and desist order because I'm speaking out - please - be my guest bitch. Got the paperwork all ready to go. Because I also have all the correspondence with you, where I categorically stated that I did not give my permission for this to happen, regardless of what the T&C's say. I even put this in my profile like so many other members on the site, as it is well known what they do and the tricks they get up to.

I did not want my work or likeness represented of what I consider tacky and ugly sites that misrepresent my work. I create beautiful erotica, not cheesy porn. Just google Missy Jubilee and you will see how many Friendfinder associated porn websites my profile has been propagated to - and not a single one with my permission.

Your terms and conditions be damned AFF.

Terms and conditions are ruled against all the time by courts. So let's see if your terms and conditions stand up to examination and investigation by a court, because I don't think they will. But hey, that's just this boobie flashers opinion.

I also have voice recordings, I have screen shots - and thanks to the wonders of Snagit - I also have screen footage that I'm going to make a little video about. Quite disgusting video content that they apparently have no problem with. Lets see if your actions & double standards stand up to scrutiny when exposed to a wider Youtube audience.


Did you ever see a little Youtube video called "United Breaks Guitars" by Dave Carroll - here's the URL if you haven't:


Worth a look. It only got 12,939,480 views. It is also now a book and a website. They have made a career out of bashing United Airlines creatively. Certainly tragic for United's brand value and public perception.

If you go to the unitedbreakguitars.com website, there is some very interesting reading.

In particular:

  • The Story Behind the Social Media Campaign
  • United Breaks Guitars Case Study (University of Toronto)
  • Fighting the Social Media Wildfire” Thesis Study (University of North Carolina)

Some quotes about United Breaks Guitars:


"Congratulations Dave, your video is lauded as one of the most important in Google's history"

“His United Breaks Guitars story shows just how much impact a single consumer can have on a global business today”

"By far, the greatest story of one person’s social-media victory over lies and mistreatment". It’s why all companies better stand up and pay attention to every single voice. It’s a lesson and a warning about social consumerism".

And they were only talking about broken guitars, not calling a little defenseless girl a child pornographer.

Hey AFF, I'm really sorry the facts are inconvenient for you - but you suck big time.

And you picked the wrong person to mess with. I'm going to make a career out of bashing you and making fun of you.

And I'm only 31 years old. So based on current average female mortality rates, I could possibly do this for the next 40 years!. Ohhh joy!  I have found a purpose for my life finally.

You let scammers and spammers operate on the site with impunity (members complain about this all the time), and you steal my content & hard work, you call me bad names, you damage my reputation and when I ask you a straight question you act like a scared little girl hiding behind pathetic corporate speak and 'internal rules'.


Yeah, you probably get away with it most times, because most people can't be bothered or don't have the spare time or figure the legal process is too slow.

Well, news flash bitches. I can be bothered cause I've fought people like you all my life. And I've got a lot of free time. And slow works for me in many ways.

You're just a pathetic bully. And just a quick heads up, I've come across wet dish sponges with more spine than you.

David Gellen.jpg

So come at me with the full force of your legal department Mr David Gellen, General Counsel Friendfinder Networks.

David, I'm sure you're a very nice man. You have a kind smile. It's nothing personal.

Actually....... it is personal. How would you feel if I accused you of being a pedophile?.

So AFF, send your private investigators or your goons to try and dig up dirt on me if you want. Two can play at that game. I have a complete list of Friendfinder Networks & Adultfriendfinder.com executives right in front of me - the executives names that you try so hard to hide on your AFF website.

You're a publicly traded company, it's not too hard if you know what you're doing.

You're all tough when you're anonymous. Let's see how tough you are when a little sunlight shines on you in the form of public attention. The Artist vs the Filth Merchant. It's got a nice ring to it huh?


And what about your board?. I'm interested to know what Mr Stephen Rattner thinks about being on the board of a company that acts as despicably as yours. I intend to interview him and ask him. Hopefully he will be kind enough to grant me a filmed interview for my short film. The interview request will go out to him next Tuesday.

And what about board of director member Dr Toby E. Lazarus (female) who graduated from Johns Hopkins University, Phi Beta Kappa with honors in psychology, and received her M.A. and Ph.D. in developmental psychology from the University of Chicago with a focus on neuropsychology.

Obviously an intelligent female. I wonder what she would think of your heavy handed actions and name calling of another intelligent women. You see, I also have a degree - in applied math.

Yes, they let girls have those these days, even girls who flash their boobies.

Hopefully Dr Lazarus will be kind enough to grant me a filmed interview for my short film also.

The interview request to her will go out to her next Wednesday.

Interview requests with plot summary and background briefing reading will go out to each and every member of your esteemed board. Let's see if they are able to defend your actions on camera or in writing.

This battle is going to be fought in public, in the press and on Youtube. This revolution will be televised.And AFF - when it is - I believe you will suddenly realize you're on the wrong page on this particular issue. To bad you didn't realise that earlier.

To paraphrase the writing of Francis Ford Coppola in 'Apocalypse Now" - I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.

If any of you kind AFF friends know lawyers in the US with free speech, corporate law, censorship or 1st amendment credentials prepared to do some pro-bono work - hit me up. I'm going to take a cannon to this knife fight. .

You ever heard of reputational damages AFF?. You ever heard of libel?. You ever heard of defamation?. You ever heard of tortious interference?. Well I'm sure the legal department, whose number you refuse to give out without a court order has. I'm sure Mr Gellen has, since reading all published information on him leads me to believe that he is a very smart man.

And guess who's in the process of buying a few Friendfinder shares, because, as everyone knows, shareholders have a right to stand and ask questions at the annual general meeting - even one that might be naked under their overcoat. Perhaps there might be a camera or two in the room and outside Michael Moore style too.

Now that would be a story for the press wouldn't it?. Or perhaps a short film for the short film festivals?.Or perhaps a major film?. You ever hear of a little film called "The People vs Larry Flynt"?


This is a long game AFF, and I've got plenty of time. And thanks to all my AFF friends and a couple of associates high up in the film industry in the US who have been kind enough to find me, offer support and encouragement to take you idiots on - I've got motivation and backing.

Repressing art and calling an artist a child pornographer when you peddle hardcore filth is an interesting corporate strategy. What offsite groupthinkfest came up with that one?

365,144 AFF profile views, 98,008 AFF video views and 668 AFF friends are going to come in mighty handy. I don't think even Che Guevara had those numbers when he started, and look what he accomplished!. He did die in the end, but we all have to one day.

The cameras are rolling, so see you soon AFF.


Oh......and........AFF........you ever been attacked by a scorpion?. Cause that's what I am when someone attacks me.

You have just given me the biggest break of my artistic career. You have given me purpose, a head of steam, a mission in life and motivation so I thank you. I think I'm quite excited about the next few years.

Mwah..... motherf**ckers.

I think I'll even change the name of my chosen job from boobie flasher to activist eroticist. I like it! Dita Von Teese and Jane Fonda look out.

I have posted my AFF videos to Red Tube exclusively until I can host all the videos on this site, which I'm working on right now. All my new work will be posted to Red Tube as it is completed over the next few weeks. The URL is http://www.redtube.com/missyjubilee.

The video about AFF will also be posted to Redtube, Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, College Humour, Vibe and any other site I can upload to.


Search for 'The Artist vs the Filth Merchant" when it's done.

Please feel free to send me your e-mail address if your interested in knowing how this turns out and I will send out a blast e-mail to let you know when it has been posted.

And finally, thank you to everyone who has written and offered their support and encouragement, particularly all my AFF friends.

 It means the world to me.


Missy x